Our Founder

We are a Roman Catholic Congregation of Priests, Brothers and Lay Associates. Our congregation was founded in Paris in 1703 by a young 24 year old Breton Lawyer, Claude Poullart des Places.

He founded a community for young men who wished to become priests and dedicated it to the Holy Spirit. In 1765 the Holy See began to entrust the congregation with the direct care of mission territories beginning with French Guiana and in 1779 the first two Spiritan Missionaries arrived in Senegal, Africa.

We Give Voice To Gospel Justice Where It Cannot Be Heard or Has Been Silenced. <more>

Spiritans of the Irish Province serve in some 20 countries including Ireland. Some 250 are professed members while a smaller number of lay members are Spiritan Associates. Much emphasis is placed on how we go about our work. It is not enough to work for others, though that is necessary; more emphasis is put on being close to people, on the quality of our life and presence, on solidarity, on opening up to new horizons and on a greater collaboration with holders.


Do this and you will live ~ Some elements of the spirituality of Francis Libermann

A short life of Claude Poullart Des Places ~ Founder of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit

A short life of Francis Libermann ~ Jewish by birth, Christian by faith and baptism.

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