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Soul Food for Sundays

Reflection for The Third Sunday of Lent

7th March 2021

John 2:13-25

When Jesus moved on, those stalls that were turned over would be righted once more, and trade would continue as before.  And yet there is something marvellous about an insistence that some things are worth fighting for.

Jesus was fighting for a holy place that speaks to the holy space within us. There is something about that call to a holiness within, that speaks in every age. There is also in the text a sense of an ending. We think that things will last forever. We are wrong.

Forty years after the death of Jesus a generation of Jews would weep for the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. They wept for the absence of their holy place. They did not weep for the loss of the marketplace that had grown about it.

In our time, because of Covid-19, people have lived through long periods of time with no public services for their parish community. It is a cause of great sadness. Like pilgrims of old, people weep – albeit mostly in silence – at the wailing walls of closed churches.

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