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Soul Food for The Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday 14th July 2024

Mark 6:7-13

Today’s readings draw our attention to God’s call to biblical characters – such as Amos and the Twelve Apostles – as well to each of us today. This call, then as now, isn’t devoid of challenges but is about witness.

Today, Jesus commissions the Twelve to go out to the world.  He empowers them to confront the unclean spirits. For many people today, unclean spirits can encompass various forms of difficulties and injustices.  However, Jesus underscores the importance of our response through simplicity in our lives. 

His followers are being sent out not with policies, money, strategic solutions etc… but a simplicity, with a dependence on others and trust in God. Following Jesus is about understanding what it means to be “filled with the Holy Spirit” (Lk 4:1). In the early Church, the baptised are called to be “guided by the Spirit” (Ga 5:16), to allow themselves to be guided in everything by the Spirit…

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