Soul Food for Sundays

A Reflection for the Eighteenth Sunday of the Year, 31st July 2022

I recently returned from a work trip to ‘the eternal city’, where I was able to briefly glimpse the splendour of the age-old architecture, steeped in history, and be overwhelmed by the grandeur and significance of St. Peter’s Square and the many statues and artefacts that surround it and the city. Whatever your fancy, Rome is an illustration of the wealth that befits many cities in the ‘developed world’, and increasingly those in the ‘global South’...

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A Reflection for the Seventeenth Sunday of the Year, 24th July 2022

William Shakespeare’s above words in Hamlet make it clear that he believed in some way in the power of prayer.  The Readings of this (seventeenth) Sunday, especially the 1st Reading from Genesis and the Gospel from St. Luke, demonstrate the vital importance of prayer, with a strong emphasis on the prayer of perseverance. The late American Catholic author, Thomas Merton, was asked by a friend who was worried because of his difficulty in praying and was told, “Give it time.”

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Soul Food for the Sixteenth Sunday of the Year, 17th July 2022

Martha, who features in today’s Gospel, is a worrier; she frets over too many things. I sympathize! I’m a worrier too. I can fret over the smallest things. And I still do. But over the years I’ve learned to catch myself worrying and I say to myself “There you go again … what are you like!” And I can smile...

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A Reflection for the Fifteenth Sunday of the Year, 10th July 2022

It is interesting to notice how Jesus answers people when they put direct questions to him. Today’s Gospel is a case in point. He is asked “Who is my neighbour?” and he doesn’t answer, but instead tells a story.

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