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Soul Food for the Second Sunday of Advent, 10th December 2023

In today’s Gospel John the Baptist is on the edge. He is on the edge geographically, socially, politically and even religiously. He has no wealth to speak of. He belongs to no defined religious group, being neither a Pharisee nor a Sadduccee, nor a Scribe. He identifies with no political agenda. He is no Zealot seeking the end of Roman occupation. He is a man in a desert, a man apart that the crowd is seeking out. John the Baptist is a man on fire with a burning zeal to bring people closer to God...

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St John the Baptist

Soul Food for the First Sunday of Advent, 3rd December 2023

Today we begin the Season of Advent and today’s Gospel sets the tone – ‘Be watchful! Be alert! You do not know when the time will come.’ Advent is characterized by waiting. Waiting! I’ve realised I’m not very good at that anymore. Maybe I never was! But in this instant-everything culture, I get frustrated if I have to wait for any length of time. Waiting is seen as time wasted and who can afford to waste time these days? But maybe a little waiting is a good thing? Here are five things I have found I can get from waiting that are worth reflecting on...

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Woman waiting at a train station

Soul Food for Sunday 26th November 2023, The Feast of Christ the King

As we celebrate the feast day of Christ the King, we reflect on the Kingdom of God. The Magi journeyed to welcome a King of Kings, and, on reaching their destination, knelt to honour him in a humble manger. Christ the King entered the world but was not the king anybody expected. This king had no army, no palace and no gold. Instead, he preached and lived the Kingdom values; Jesus, the teacher, preaching the same ideals that would ignite the missionary flame in our founders and in generations of confrères and lay members of our Spiritan community. 

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Mosaic of Christ

Soul Food for World Day of the Poor, Sunday 19th November 2023

I have been very fortunate to have visited Assisi in Italy many times. Walking its narrow, winding streets, one would almost expect St. Francis to come around a corner, such is the palpable spirit of the saint that inhabits this special place. On one such visit a few years ago, while at Assisi railway station awaiting a train to Rome, I came across a notice promoting the then upcoming World Day of the Poor...

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A woman giving support to a homeless person
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