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A Reflection for the Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time, 23rd October 2022

Reflections 23rd October 2022
Luke 18:9-14

The Author: Levis Chepyegon Kapchanga C.S.Sp.
calendar_today Date: October 6, 2022 - 3 minutes read

I thank God for this special day as we seek to grow in faith and commit ourselves to the service of people. I do believe that there is a need to always remember to implore wisdom from God: the wisdom to truly value and respect each other’s contributions, the wisdom to understand and overcome the barriers that our cultural differences can present, and the wisdom to know that God is the strength in our different missions.

We should be conscious that God graced us to be servants of his people. We can be in a position to judge the actions of a person but not judge the person as that is for God alone. The world needs more people who are non-judgemental and who do not condemn. This is vital in spreading the good news.

Due to many challenges today in missions, we need to beseech the Lord to renew our zeal for evangelization for the sake of salvation for all. Therefore, may our hearts thirst for new avenues of outreach.

We are called to re-commit ourselves to the Church’s mission through prayer and self-sacrifice, being conscious of our weaknesses. We are called to have passion for Christ and at the same time passion for Christ’s people whom we serve, where everyone feels at home. This is only achieved if we conform ourselves evermore to Christ.

There is a need to subject our human nature to humility. We need God’s grace to have a natural inclination to never view ourselves as perfect, rather to always imitate Christ’s humility. When we clothe ourselves in humility, our hearts can have a clear view of things. We recognize that we are not above anyone; rather, we are all unique and equal in God’s eyes.

In seeking a humble Spirit, we can walk to be a blessing to others and be open to being blessed in return. Christ humbled himself as a human to walk with, and among, us. Accordingly, to truly follow his lead, humility has to be part of our walk. Becoming humble allows us to have open hearts and minds to move, and be moved by, the Spirit of God.

Therefore, our starting point in any approach in life is our relationship with God, a complete and total reverence for who God is, thus through ‘self-check’ with God at all times in prayer.

We often forget that the Gospel is not only a tool to reach out to those who are in search of God but is a tool for us all in our daily living and mission.

Image by Pedro Ivo Pereira Vieira Pedin from Pixabay

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Levis Chepyegon Kapchanga C.S.Sp.

From Kenya, where he studied Philosophy in in the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), Levis is currently doing Second Cycle Formation in Ireland with the Spiritans in Ardbraccan and is studying in Maynooth for the B.D.