Soul Food for Sundays

Soul Food for the Second Sunday of Lent, 25th February 2024

Reflections 24th February 2024
Mark 9:2-10

The Author: Ronan Barry
calendar_today Date: February 6, 2024 - 2 minutes read

During the transfiguration, Jesus received the affirmation of being ‘beloved’. For us all, it is a universal desire for each of us to experience that someone loves us.

In the world that God created, the loving presence of God is accessible to everyone. On Mount Tabor, Jesus allowed himself to bask in the divine love emanating from the radiant light, even amidst the clouds.

We are embraced with love, much like Peter, James and John experienced in their community.

Light is a shared spirit, akin to passing the baton among us. Our faith is a transformative gift capable of changing the experience of Church. We possess the power to transfigure or disfigure one another. Many people experience disfigurement from many tragic experiences in our world, but we can also draw forth the light, hope and joy in our relationships.

Through the acceptance of God’s love and allowing it to radiate through us, we can bring about profound transformations in our schools, our parishes and our communities. True faith and the belief that we are loved by God has the potential to utterly alter the world that we inhabit.

Take a moment to reflect and contemplate: Envision yourself inhaling the light of God – God’s light, love and saving grace enveloping you.

Prayer: light of God love me, save me, call me.

Photo by Stephanie Klepacki on Unsplash

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Ronan Barry

Ronan is Director of Spiritan Mission Ireland, set up in 2017 to respond, in line with Spiritan charism, to the current context of the Irish Spiritan Province and Church. He was part of the Spiritan education team for over ten years. He lives with his family in Co. Kildare.