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A Reflection for the Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, 18th September 2022

Reflections 18th September 2022
Luke 16:1-13 Or Luke 16:10-13

The Author: Carol McCabe
calendar_today Date: August 21, 2022 - 3 minutes read

In reading today’s Gospel, I found it very difficult to get the message at first! Yes, it is about the dishonest steward, and he was being praised for being prudent, but I think that he was only saving himself as he would have been in trouble if he did not have his master’s money. He used people to make a profit and did not want to face his master, or maybe he saw the error of his ways! Do I use people from time to time to save myself or to hide my own faults and failings, intentionally or otherwise?

Lots of people think that if they won the Lotto, they would be made for life; they could buy anything that they ever wanted – the best car, clothes, a house in a special place – and they would then be happy and fulfilled. If we depend on material things, we will always want more and will never be satisfied.

The Lord tells us that he knows all our needs and that he will provide, so where do we put our trust? Two years ago, when my family home had to be sold after the passing of my dear mum, and I had to go to the hospital for an operation, I had no idea where I was going to live after the operation, as it was during the pandemic and there were no properties to view. I did not worry; I knew that it would be OK and it was. With a lot of help from my special friends in Kimmage, I am now living in a lovely apartment. I did not fear as I knew the Lord and mam would provide, so that is where I put my trust.

We may look to successful business people, pop stars, sports stars and other inspirational people but they all have a goal and focus. We can learn from their vision, but we must have our own focus and find out what is important to us. What is my focus? Am I focused on material things or do I have a deeper outlook on my life? There is no difficulty in acquiring possessions that give us pleasure and makes life enjoyable, but how attached am I to them?

It is only through our faith and focus on God that we can be truly happy and fulfilled. Do I have a good relationship with material goods and money? Is there anything I own that I cannot let go? Where is my focus? How many Gods do I serve?

Photography by Carol McCabe

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Carol McCabe

A Spiritan Associate who spent time in religious life, accounting, as administrator of the Dublin marathon and in school retreats, Carol is a keen photographer. Wildlife photography, taken up during the pandemic, has put her more in touch with spirituality and nature.