Soul Food for Sundays

Soul Food for Sunday 12th November 2023

Reflections 12th November 2023
Matthew 25:1-13

The Author: Mr. James Docherty
calendar_today Date: November 9, 2023 - 3 minutes read

The Gift of Wisdom

Wisdom is pure and never fades away, and is easily seen by those who love her and found by those who seek her. (Wisdom 6:12-16)

On Tuesday 24th October our school made history when our Gaelic football team reached the final of the Under-12 Cumann na mBunscol Final in Croke Park for the first time in its history. As Principal, I wanted to show that we should all support this achievement. Hence all 720 teachers, staff and boys descended on Croke Park. To say that I was slightly apprehensive and nervous would be an understatement, because I was extremely worried about how we would take care of our Junior / Senior Infants and First Form boys. That morning I did say a number of prayers to make sure that everything went well, praying for the gift of wisdom.

When we speak about the Gift of Wisdom, I try to enforce to the boys, that we know a true wise person by how s/he treats other people. Our faith is grounded in love and the wisest people I have ever met have always mirrored God’s love to all they meet.  On our journey to Croke Park, our chaplain Ms Victoria Byrne told me that we passed her grandparents’ old house and memories came flooding back of the love that her grandad had for all his grandchildren and how warm and welcoming his home always was to everyone who knocked on the door; he never turned someone in need away.

True wisdom isn’t about doing massive acts that win praise. It is about the small everyday acts of kindness, respect and courtesy that when put together become extraordinary. Unfortunately, we live in a world where every time we put the news on, it is full of updates on one conflict or another which could cause anyone to lose hope. However, all around us in our families, among our friends or in work, we see plenty of examples of people who are wise enough and courageous enough to follow Jesus’ examples and are always reaching out to show his love for them through their own actions.

Therefore, to go back to the first paragraph I should not have worried because our Sixth and Fifth Form buddies, along with all our fabulous teachers and staff were superb. Thank you to all in our Willow Junior School community for making this experience extremely special. If that isn’t good news to be shared and celebrated, what is?

Photo by Henry Be on Unsplash

The Spiritans Emblem

Mr. James Docherty

James joined Willow Park Community in 2005, becoming deputy principal in 2007 and principal in 2016.  Eighteen years serving in a Spiritan school, he realises the importance of imparting the 7 core Spiritan values to the whole school community especially the students entrusted to the school’s care.