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Soul Food for Sunday 17th September, the Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time (AND the Third Sunday in The Season of Creation 2023)

Reflections 17th September 2023
Matthew 18:21-35

The Author: Paddy Cully C.S.Sp.
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Sunday Mass Readings for September 17 2023, 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Just looking at one’s hand is quite an amazing experience.  It is fascinating all the amazing actions that a hand can carry out.  When one stands back to look at Creation, one is struck with awe at all one sees.  And brought to tears also at the damage that the human person has caused to this wonderful gift.

When humanity plays a proper part in Creation, one can talk of the web of creation of which humanity is a vital element.  Both must be held together in harmony.  Thus, respect for nature is respect for humanity and respect for humanity is respect for nature.  The new term to describe this is “integral ecology” where humanity and nature are not an ‘either/or’ but a ‘both/and’.

We are all well aware by now that those who have least contributed to generating the problem are the very ones who are paying its price.  For instance, Bangladesh, producing near zero carbon emissions, is a country which will suffer greatly with the rise of water levels in our seas.  It is like the story of today’s gospel where the person with the large debt has it forgiven but then has his brother thrown into jail for a much smaller debt owed to him. This must not be. 

Let us listen for ‘The Cry of the Earth and the Cry of the Poor’ and strive for the harmony we need to achieve.

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Paddy Cully C.S.Sp.

Ordained in 1984, Fr. Paddy served in Brazil for many years. He worked in Haiti before returning to Ireland. Currently chaplain in Cherry Orchard Hospital, Ballyfermot, West Dublin, he also does Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation ministry.