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A Reflection for the Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (27th June 2021)

Reflections 27th June 2021
Mark 5:21-43

The Author: Des Byrne C.S.Sp.
calendar_today Date: May 26, 2021 - 2 minutes read

There is a great air of relief and satisfaction here in Ireland at the moment as we come out of fourteen months of lockdown. Likewise, there is great excitement in the vaccination centres; everyone is so helpful, chatty and grateful. Good news all round! Hope for a brighter future!

Not a bad backdrop for the two healing stories in today’s Gospel. The woman who has been suffering from a blood disorder has been shunned and excluded from society! Inspired, she approaches Jesus humbly and tentatively – just to touch his cloak! Imagine her joy and relief at being healed and being praised by the Master himself for her great faith and being assured that she “is saved.”

A reminder to many of us who at one time or another felt excluded or afraid. Thankfully, we remember also the ‘Jesus’ people who healed and included us.

The sight of a sick child pulls at our heart strings. Unfortunately, we see them too often on our news bulletins especially in situations of war and famine! We can only imagine the anguish and pain of a parent with a sick child. No wonder that Jairus humbly threw himself at the feet of Jesus and pleaded with Him to come and “lay his hands” on his sick daughter! Jesus didn’t need a second invitation! Significantly he took his trusted helpers with him! We can only imagine the joy in that household when Jesus took her by the hand and raised her up.

Lord, thank you for all those who care for our children when they are sick or have special needs! Bring peace and plenty to our broken world so that our children are safe and well! Lord, we are your children. Through our minders and carers continue to look after us.

Image by SeppH from Pixabay

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Des Byrne C.S.Sp.

Fr Des was ordained in the 1950s and appointed to Nigeria where he worked in education and chaplaincy. In Ireland he has served in parish ministry in Greenhills and Kimmage, and since the late 1990s in Clondalkin.