Soul Food for Sundays

A Reflection for the Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time (26th September 2021)

Reflections 26th September 2021
Mark 9:38-43

The Author: Patricia Carroll
calendar_today Date: August 31, 2021 - 2 minutes read

It was a scorcher of a day and he had been out in the fields now about four hours.

No one else around for miles.

He looked out along the horizon as the fields were flat.

In the heat of the day, the sweat was pouring down the back of his neck.

He could feel the salt on his lips; he wiped it from his brow.

Suddenly, a stranger seemed to appear from nowhere.

The stranger reached out his hand and gave him a flask of water.

It must have come from the fridge; the shock of it was refreshing.

He had been so exhausted that he hadn’t noticed the stranger walk up behind him.

He looked the stranger in the eye and said, ‘Many thanks, it’s great to get the bit of refreshment.’

The stranger looked him in the eye and said, ‘No bother, sure it’s the least I could do.’

That cold water was like a miracle; he could’ve got sunstroke, but the stranger saved the day.

It’s the simple gestures that matter:

Reaching out, a cup of cold water, giving our time, going the extra mile.

This is the stuff of Kingdom-building.

When we use our eyes to notice other peoples’ needs.

When we use our feet to walk the extra mile.

When we use our hands to build up others.

Then we are really building the Kingdom.

Then we work miracles in His name.

We’re called to use our hands, our feet, our eyes.

We’re called to become miracle workers…

Image by hartono subagio from Pixabay 

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Patricia Carroll

Patricia, who is from Scotland, is a member of the Spiritan Mission Ireland Animation Commission. Currently Director of Mission & Ministry in the Archdiocese of Dublin, she has worked in pastoral development for over 20 years.