Spiritan Mission Ireland

Orientation Course for
Incoming Pastoral Ministry Workers

Spiritan Mission Ireland, has designed a tailor made course aimed at
incoming pastoral ministry workers. This course seeks to support the
integration and orientation process of incoming pastoral workers and to
prepare them for ministry in parishes and congregational settings.
The course is fully residential and takes place in the Spiritan Retreat and
Spiritulaity Centre in Ardbracan, Navan Co Meath. This beautiful setting
affords the participants the opportunity to learn together in a relaxed
community atmosphere where there will be opportunity for personal and
communal prayer and the celebration of the Eucharist.

Postponed until further notice. Update on new dates will be posted anon.

Learning Objectives

On completion of the course participants will have received a holistic introduction into life in Ireland which will help them adjust to their new home, feel confident in fulfilling their pastoral role and ensure that their ministry meets the needs of those they serve. Participants will:

  • Gain insights and understanding of approaches to ministry in Ireland
  • Explore issues related to liturgy and spirituality in the context of pastoral ministry in Ireland
  • Explore various themes of inter and cross cultural communication (change, conflict, authority, leadership, listening, collaboration and personal well being)
  • Have received a broad overview of the socio economic, political, cultural landscape and history of Ireland
  • Be awarded a certificate of training from the National Board of Safeguarding of Children in the Catholic Church in Ireland and be fully compliant with the protocol for safeguarding training for people in ministry in Ireland

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