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Soul Food for Fourth Sunday of Easter (21st April) 2024   

On this Sunday, we often reflect on religious callings symbolized by the image of the Good Shepherd. Those who embrace vows within religious life make sacrifices for the well-being of the building of Christian community.  This is also true of many in our Church and society, who make sacrifices in various aspects of life for the sake of others.

Author: admin - April 6, 2024

The good shepherd

Soul Food for Easter Sunday, 31st March 2024

Alleluia, Alleluia, The Lord is Risen… The news for some time now has been bleak; wars and more wars, destruction and devastation, accidents, deaths, climate disaster, political turmoil and more.  We hear statistics and numbers.  They are beyond awful. Behind the numbers there are people, families, women and children, faces, lives and names, tragedy and loss and, of course, personal stories. Amidst it all, it can be a challenge to see that we matter. It can be a challenge to find hope.

Author: admin - March 23, 2024

The opened tomb of Jesus

Soul Food for Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion, 24th March 2024

The Roman Governor of Judea enters Jerusalem from the West. He had grudgingly left his headquarters by the calm Mediterranean Sea to attend to his duties. He must oversee the affairs of state during the Jewish time of Passover and remind the troublesome population of Jerusalem and the many visitors to the city that, although they may commemorate Israel’s victory over Egypt, they remain a subjugated people under the heel of the mighty Roman Empire. Pilate’s military escort, and he in glittering armour astride a fearsome cavalry charger, confirms the merciless might of Rome.

Author: admin - March 5, 2024

A Palm Sunday procession

Soul Food for St. Patrick’s Day / Fifth Sunday of Lent, 17th March 2024

There’s a little piece of Cork in “St Patrick’s Church”, a parish in the central city of Taichong, Taiwan. 5 years ago, the parish priest asked me if I could get a statue of Ireland’s national saint for our church’s side altar; my parents donated a statue which is now a permanent feature of the church. Like many Irish missionaries, it travelled a long way before finding a new home in a far-off land.

Author: admin - February 26, 2024

Stained-glass window of St Patrick
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