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A Reflection for Trinity Sunday 12th June 2022

I notice that Paul talks about the heart and not the head in this passage from Romans. So, I will try to stay with my heart in this reflection. f the Trinity is at the core of creation where and how do I experience this Presence? While I do acknowledge that when I take part in the liturgical and sacramental life of the Church...

Author: admin - June 1, 2022

A waterfall in a forest

A Reflection for The Fourth Sunday of Lent (27th March) 2022

‘Jenny’ was a young woman I met through my role as an Addiction Counsellor. Unfortunately, her story is the reality today for many people, particularly women, struggling with addiction.

Author: admin - February 27, 2022

Forest with light shining through

A Reflection for The Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time (20th February 2022)

though many years have passed, I remember this story as if it happened yesterday. I was scheduled to preside at the first Mass of the day in the parish. In the sacristy there was a note, letting me know that a parishioner who would be attending the Mass was a grandmother who had just received the news of a terminal diagnosis. My heart sank in sorrow.

Author: admin - February 3, 2022

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A Reflection for the Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time (6th February 2022)

Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying! In our readings today Isaiah opens us to the beautiful message that God always takes the initiative in our lives and wants us to be collaborators in sharing the message of love for all.   God is always seeking us, calling us and prompting us. God gently nudges us to notice, to listen, to hear and – most importantly – to respond.

Author: admin - February 2, 2022

Out into the deep - boat on the ocean
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