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Reflection for the Feast of The Ascension (21st May) 2023

Most of us will now be aware of the issues that face the planet. We have come to a greater awareness of the beauty of all that surrounds us.  With the advances of cameras and television, we are brought to the deepest oceans or the highest mountains in a moment. One commentator, the broadcaster David Attenborough, has shared his love of nature with the world. 

Author: admin - May 14, 2023

planet earth with the sun rising

A Reflection for the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, 15th January 2023

A call to a special vocation. Each one of us has a vocation, called by God to a particular task to be accomplished while we are in this world. In today’s readings, we see three persons, Isaiah, Paul and Jesus, who were entrusted with a special vocation. It is God who calls us. His call is an invitation to participate in His mission to save humanity, a special vocation entrusted to particular persons.  

Author: admin - December 23, 2022

Young man walking through a church ruin

A Reflection for Trinity Sunday 12th June 2022

I notice that Paul talks about the heart and not the head in this passage from Romans. So, I will try to stay with my heart in this reflection. f the Trinity is at the core of creation where and how do I experience this Presence? While I do acknowledge that when I take part in the liturgical and sacramental life of the Church...

Author: admin - June 1, 2022

A waterfall in a forest

A Reflection for The Fourth Sunday of Lent (27th March) 2022

‘Jenny’ was a young woman I met through my role as an Addiction Counsellor. Unfortunately, her story is the reality today for many people, particularly women, struggling with addiction.

Author: admin - February 27, 2022

Forest with light shining through
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