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A Reflection for the Fourteenth Sunday of the Year, 3rd July 2022

Living, as we do, in an age of mass communication, instant connectivity, social media outlets, virtual meetings and remote learning, it can be difficult to know how we, as Christians, should behave towards each other. We are all charged to love one another and are happy to do so but, when nowadays we often have little personal interaction with others, how?

Author: admin - June 26, 2022

Reflection for the Feast of Corpus Christi, Sunday 19th June 2022

this?’ ‘Why do we gather on Sunday for Eucharist?’ Many of us are from a generation where we were told that it was a mortal sin not to! However, with Covid restrictions, the fact is that a lot of people have simply fallen out...

Author: admin - June 1, 2022

A congregation at Holy Mass

A Reflection for the Sixth Sunday of Easter (22nd May) 2022

are the ones who inspire, who bring out the best in us, and who do not just impart knowledge, though they have to do that as well. Good teachers encourage our curiosity, leave us wanting to know more. Good teachers believe in the potential of the people they are teaching.

Author: admin - May 9, 2022

Holy Spirit

A Reflection for the Fifth Sunday of Easter (15th May) 2022

‘New’ is a recurring word in today’s readings. I began to wonder what the word actually means to a Christian because in today’s world it can have a number of connotations, some of them negative. In a throwaway or consumer culture it could mean disposing of something because it’s out of fashion or because it doesn’t have the latest features or updates. When a smartphone or laptop, though still in perfect working order, ceases to be the latest, some people are willing to pay for a completely new version to replace it. This seems to display a certain craving for novelty for its own sake.

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River in nature
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