ARCHIVED: Governance and Strategic Plan 2018-2020

Strategic Plan

You can help survivors of torture have a positive future

In late 2017 the Spirasi Board commissioned the production of a comprehensive, new Strategic Plan to guide the work of Spirasi from 2018-20.

Key Strategic Objectives

In the Strategic Plan there are the following six clear objectives:

  1. Spirasi will engage with all key stakeholders to support / fund the mission to provide wider access to effective rehabilitation;
  2. Spirasi will move towards greater clarity of its mission, careful profiling of its work and appropriate approaches to policy development & advocacy;
  3. Spirasi will develop validated, transferable models of good practice in rehabilitating and integrating victims of torture for replication regionally;
  4. In order to meet the mental health needs of victims of torture throughout Ireland, Spirasi will work with regional agencies to develop effective local services;
  5. Spirasi will engage with existing and new partners to develop and enhance its work, and extend its capacity to help victims of torture;
  6. Through a fully participative process, Spirasi will seek to bring about the necessary change at all levels to support the realisation of its strategic plan;