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Christmas 2019 in Ireland – Locky Flanagan C.S.Sp.*

2019 is one of my the few Christmases that I will have spent at home since I first went on overseas mission in 1980. I’m particularly looking forward to the privilege of hearing confessions and saying the Christmas Eve Vigil Mass at Cuan Mhuire, a home where addicts are treated.

Author: admin - July 5, 2020

Rotu in East Pokot region, Kenya – December 2019

The Spiritans are in East Pokot since the 1980s. After much preparatory work, a permanent mission began in Rotu in 2011 when I moved to this very under-developed and inaccessible part of the region.

Author: admin - May 3, 2020

The Spiritan JPIC Group are organising a Workshop on: Be the Change

Be the Change is a powerful workshop for our times. It considers our environmental, social and personal well-being and how we can all be part of positive change.

Author: admin -

Christmas in Taiwan – Seán O’Leary C.S.Sp.*

Though fewer than 5% of Taiwanese people are Christian, and Christmas Day itself is a regular work and school day, Christmas and the build-up to it are big especially in the towns and cities.

Author: admin - December 15, 2019

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